Outdoor Adventures
Old Town’s play parks, athletic lawns, and green spaces provide the perfect outlet to get outside and experience nature. Our animal sanctuary provides our animal friends a special respite for your viewing pleasure, because in Old Town, we’re animal lovers too!

Entertainment and Dining
Our residents are loving life in Old Town with the best dining and entertainment options all within a short walk. Sneak away for a quiet, romantic dinner for two or bring the whole gang for family fun night. From a retired four-star general to a family of four, you never know who you might meet while pleasing your palate!

Shopping and Fun

Come see for yourself all the great flagship retailers who are proud to call Old Town home! Browse through your favorite shop, grab a quick bite to eat, or enjoy a steamy cup of your morning’s coffee all at your own pace. At Old Town, upscale shopping meets small town congeniality.

Party at Old Town!

See Life at Old Town!

Party at Old Town!